Hip Replacements

Hip replacement surgery involves replacing the diseased and damaged parts of the hip joint with an artificial ball and socket. It becomes an option when the pain and stiffness in the joint cannot be adequately controlled by the use of painkillers and modification of lifestyle.

Hip replacement surgery is not life saving but it is quality of life saving.

Where the pain from your hip joint is preventing you from enjoying your retirement or from continuing your work or sporting activities as a younger person then it is very likely that we can help you return to your former lifestyle.

Replacement of the diseased hip with a new artificial joint is one of the most consistently reliable operations performed in orthopaedic surgery. It predictably reduces or eliminates the pain and stiffness associated with hip arthritis and allows a rapid recovery and return to a normal lifestyle. In this manner, it can improve the mobility, independence and quality of life of most people with disabling hip arthritis.

There are many different hip replacement designs available to the surgeon. At The Birmingham Hip Clinic we only use prostheses with a proven track record.