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Hip Resurfacing by John O'Hara

The Birmingham Hip Clinic was founded in 1999 by John O'Hara. Our mission was, and still is today, to fight for the preservation of joints.

Today we are enjoying longer, more active lives than ever before and we are not prepared to accept the limitations to our lifestyle that a painful hip imposes.

Hip disorders can affect people of all ages, from the teenager with a hip that has not formed properly to the older person who has 'wear and tear' arthritis. These different patients require very different approaches to the care of their condition.

At the Birmingham Hip Clinic, John O'Hara has the skills and experience required to allow him to care for the variety of hip conditions that present to him. We ensure that we keep our patients informed at all stages of their treatment and strive at all times to place their dignity and well being first.

We offer an efficient service; following receipt of a referral letter from your GP or physiotherapist or as a self referral you will be offered a consultation in the next available clinic. If you have private medical insurance you should inform your insurance company of your intention to see us. If you have any xrays of your hips please bring them with you when you come to see us.


People from all over the globe come to John O'Hara at the Birmingham Hip Clinic for world class, expert Orthopaedic care, so don't wait for a doctor to refer you, get in touch to book an appointment.

A one to one consultation is usually the first step for most cases, however The Hip Clinic also provide email and telephone consultation to patients across the world.

If you would like to discuss your case, or get an expert opinion, contact our bookings team by clicking below.

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The Hip Clinic has designed operations and developed leading surgical techniques used across the world.

Besides inventing the famous Birmingham Hip Resurfacing, John O'Hara has contributed over 35 years towards orthopaedics and is recognised as a world-leading expert and authority on the following conditions and treatments:

John O'Hara

John O'Hara FRCS, FRCSI MCh. is one of the leading Consultant Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgeons treating hip pain in the world. He works at the Children's Hospital and at The Priory and The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital in Birmingham.

Dr O'Hara has Postgraduate qualifications from The Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin, The Royal College of Surgeons London and The National University of Ireland.

Hip Resurfacing

Most of my operations aim to preserve the joint, delaying or even obviating the need for a total hip replacement.

John O'Hara